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Act like a man and you’ll earn more? Pft!

Oh good God, new research says us ladies have to act like men to get ahead at work. Yawn. What century are we living in?!

Allegedly, women who adopt a “masculine approach” at work earn up to $80,000 more than “nice” women. What exactly does this mean? That women are nice and men aren’t? That the only way to get ahead is by not being nice? What a load of rubbish!

Guido Heineck of the Nuremberg Institute for Employment Research unveiled the study, Does It Pay To Be Nice?, at a conference at Essex University in England. It revealed that women who act more like a man at work earn 4 percent more than their “passive” female co-workers, while “neurotic” women earn 3 percent less. Cringe!

It comes after a review of Australian salaries found that male managers earn 25 percent more than their female colleagues.

Quite frankly I am fed up of this mumbo jumbo. There is no glass ceiling. The reason there are more men in senior positions is because women are mothers, who have babies, and (many) take time out of their careers to care for them, whether that be modern or not. Being able to make a human being is an amazing privilege us women have that men don’t. Do they complain? No.

No doubt the feminists will be out on their high horses soon, but if anything, this survey, which says traits such as ‘agreeableness’ aren’t beneficial in the workplace, is derogatory to men, not women.

What do you think?

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