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Let’s Talk… Fintech

The financial services industry is in the midst of a digital

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The legendary unicorn, frequently depicted as horse with a horn protruding

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What does ‘culture’ in a corporate context really mean anyway? We

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Burnout is one of the few mental disorders recognised by Work

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Technological advances such as video conferencing and cloud-based file-sharing are enabling

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Although it’s been one week since World Kindness Day (13 Nov),

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Hiring people to work in your business effectively means entrusting others

Avoid working with A**holes and Why Robots and Smart Machines Won’t Steal Your Future

The following is adapted from a graduation speech delivered earlier this

What fear-mongering politicians like Donald Trump can learn from a brand like Coca-Cola

When looking at the most enduring businesses of the last century,

Let’s Talk… Leadership

At the helm of every great company is a great leader.