to make a tonic and refreshing effect. At least 1 cup of fruit syrup, a day to drink for kaliny.2-3 art to improve performance, it is recommended. For. The mixture is poured 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist 1 hour. Candidate pump, in addition to honey and lemon taste. Pumping drinking hot during the day glotkami.Yagody Rowan consumed fresh or processed. Ash juice is a high energy product. It \'also rich in ascorbic acid. Rowan fruits motilium-domperidone.html chay.Schitaetsya cooked, fruits of the forest irgi have the ability to prevent the liver, kidneys, heart and stomach, and sore throat. Eating berries makes a person more peaceful, more stable, improves sleep and overall health. Irgi berries contained in phytosterols and coumarin reduce clotting. Vitamin P strengthens the walls of blood vessels and increases elastichnost.Nesmotrya of the above, the whole treatment and, above all, each treatment should begin with the two or three days of fasting diet.

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