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Cloud Articles

Avoiding downtime in an on-demand business

The internet is now a critical part of any business and

How businesses can create a data security culture in the digital transformation era

In today’s fast paced business environment, the race is on for

Mobilise your workforce: how cloud computing can benefit your business

Cloud computing represents a quantum shift in how businesses can conduct

Top five smart tech solutions for SME growth

Market share growth and sales increases are the driving forces for SMEs. Neither,

How to scale technology as your SMB grows

One of the many challenges you face when running a business

Cloud computing trends to embrace this year

There’s no doubt the adoption of cloud computing is increasing. The latest

Great expectations: 2017 as envisioned by four start-up founders and innovation leaders

Innovation was the key word in 2016, supported by a bipartisan

How strategy drives digital transformation

Adopting new technologies in a business is critical to drive digital

Translating data Into progress for 2017

Imagine having complete visibility across your business to quantify exactly how

Don’t let your security spend amount to nought – address the risk of shadow IT

By 2020, one in three successful cyber-attacks on organisations will be

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