Get on yer bike say entrepreneur duo

We’re continually encouraged find healthier, greener ways to get about. However the reality is, although the benefits are obvious, it’s not always as easy as it sounds – not when it comes to cycling at least. It’s true – many of us learn to ride soon after we learn to walk but it’s also true that very few of us ever understand how the bike really works. And who wants to end up helplessly stranded on the road side with a broken down bike  – especially if you’re on your way to work?

If this is an excuse, arguably, it’s a good one. But cycling enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, Thomas Treloar and Cameron Harrison, have come together to take it right away with their new venture, The Rolling Fix.

With an unwavering passion for all things bike related and having formed a friendship through racing together over many years, Thomas and Cameron – with their skills in demand – soon found themselves regularly repairing bikes for friends and colleagues.

Thomas said “we have always loved cycling, pulling every bike we own apart and rebuilding them.

“It got to the point where our friends and colleagues were asking us to fix their bikes.”

Checking-bicycle-inHresNot to waste an opportunity, in January 2014 the pair sought to turn these favours into a business with their mobile bicycle maintenance service, The Rolling Fix. No more picking up and dropping off to your local bike shop, the service provides tailored, on the spot servicing packages for a range of clients. And there’s good news for commuters; in addition to providing services to individuals, the business has been busy forming corporate partnerships to encourage employees to get on their bikes.

“The building and corporate partnerships is where we differ from traditional services. Premium buildings pay for the servicing of their tenants bicycles on a monthly or quarterly basis. The reasoning behind this is that it increases the number of people commuting to work, which in turn increases their health. Research is clear that healthy staff are more productive and happier,” said Thomas.

The business, with a consistently growing customer base, has already partnered with some of Australia’s largest buildings operators and companies such as Lend Lease, Chifley Tower, Dexus, CBRE, Macquarie Bank and NAB.

Adding another string to their bow  – The Rolling Fix has also provided support for cycling events such as the Steve Waugh Captains ride, a 6-day ride from Sydney to Byron Bay.

Self-funded from the start and relying on nothing more than quality service and word of mouth, the business is now rolling fast and debt free. “It’s a nice feeling,” said Thomas.

Already having 20 major corporate partners in Sydney and working towards similar numbers in Melbourne and Brisbane, The Rolling Fix is focused on expanding into more cities and growing its fleet of service vehicles.

269F3151With corporate partners aplenty, this entrepreneurial partnership is clearly working.

“For us it works, we have different skill sets but share the same vision. We can see however, it’s not for everyone  – especially if you don’t communicate and want to control everything.

“Creating a business is a wonderful feeling and being able to share both the highs and lows with someone else is a major benefit of a partnership.”