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Tech giants back move to bring Silicon Valley to Sydney

The founders and executives of TechSydney

The founders and executives of TechSydney

Some of Australia’s largest tech firms have united with more than 40 startups to launch TechSydney – a not-for-profit group aimed at transforming Sydney into Australia’s Silicon Valley.

According to TechSydney CEO and Spreets founder Dean McEvoy, the group will work to address the Sydney innovation ecosystem’s greatest challenge: collaboration.

Despite efforts from major tech companies, startups and government to improve Sydney’s startup and technology ecosystems, McEvoy said these groups had been working towards this goal in isolation. Consequently, their impact was limited and the city’s global startup ecosystem ranking slipped from #12 in 2012 to #16 in 2015.

Best in the business

Recognising this challenge, McEvoy and other serial entrepreneurs Mick Liubinskas (muru-D), Kim Heras (25fifteen), Riley Batchelor (tidyme) and Gen George (OneShift) devised TechSydney to act as a central hub for startups and high growth technology companies.

The goal is for the best in the business to come together, learn from each other and address common issues via advocacy to government and the implementation of initiatives.

TechSydney also aims to promote startups and high growth technology companies locally and abroad, attract world-class technology talent to Australia, advocate the sector as a viable career path and increase participation by women.

Big support

The not-for-profit has already gained the support of Australia’s largest tech firms including: Atlassian, Tyro, Canva, Airbnb, Prospa, LinkedIn, Airtree Ventures, Reinventure, Blackbird Ventures and more than 30 other funded startups and high growth technology companies.

“Recent moves from all levels of government to support our startup and technology sector have been heartening, but we can’t rely on them to carry it forward,” said McEvoy.

“By working together, we will drive the initiatives that will turn Sydney into a world class, top 10 hub for technology companies.”

TechSydney will launch at the Powerhouse in Sydney on 30 May. Technology companies can register to attend at