Flight Centre abandons the CV – asks job applicants for Twitter/LinkedIn details

Flight Centre is asking job seekers to submit LinkedIn, Blog and Twitter details – rather than traditional resumes/CVs when applying for jobs, despite a survey out today revealing 60 percent of job seekers don’t use social media to find employment.

google-facebook-twitterFlight Centre today outlined plans to capitalise on the growing interest in social media by recruiting fulltime specialists in Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand by asking for social media ‘credentials’ from applicants in lieu of a resume.

When applying for the social media specialist positions, candidates are simply asked to demonstrate their relevant experience by providing links to their Blog, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profiles and two other social sites, in addition to outlining in 140 characters or less why they are the person the company needs to hire.

“Our social media specialists will effectively be paid to do what they’re already passionate about – blogging, tweeting, building communities and travelling the world,” FLT global social media leader Gregg Tilston said.

“Given that we are looking for people who are passionate about social media, we can learn more from blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn than we can from traditional resumes.

“While there’s no doubt many employers still pay close attention to resumes, the social media channels look certain to play a more important role in the hiring process in the future.”

“The candidates we are looking for will have an in-depth knowledge of the various social media offerings and the ability to communicate with and engage with customers and prospective travellers.

“We are a progressive company and are already using new forms of media to communicate with our customers as part of our overall marketing strategies

“By expanding our team and our capabilities in this area, we will remain at the forefront of developments as this industry continues to evolve and as the various channels gain popularity.”

  • m

  • Wow? I am so blown away with all this “social Media’ thing? what happened to good old phone call, a chat and a resume? I have a BLOG now- but only because i was told it is a good way to keep content fresh and linked to the website………i hardly fing the time to add to it anyway? where do all these geezers get all the time to sit in front of a screen and twitter, blog, facebook and myspace everyone everything? and why do they think we care?
    Christ! you cant even go for a job without twittering in or facebooking it? I dont like this non- face- to face type of communications and I for one have better stuff to do than sit in front of a screen all day!!! urgh! David Olsen from Flight centre- you may be a progressive employer but you will only attract spotty, hormonal tweenies with a fetish for facebook to your jobs! you wont be attracting a fully grown, intelligent woman with 15 years flying experience with Qantas………..I know who Id rather book my trip with? Not the spotty one!!?

  • Not-a-tweenie-but-a-business-professional…

    “spotty, hormonal tweenies with a fetish for facebook” Good one Simone… admitting to just how ignorant you are about business and technology.

  • @simone, I’m 44 and a fairly senior IT project manager. I use facebook, linkedin and a blog. I’m not spotty!!

    These sites are used by a very wide range of people, and it seems to me to be a good way of saving paper and finding recruits. Good luck to Flight Centre.

  • Kate

    I think you have misunderstood! Flight Centre does all their hiring through their website. It is for this particular job, the “social media specialist” that they’re changing up the process to something based in social media…..makes sense to me.