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Skills that make your employees look up to you

Businesswoman Addressing Meeting Around Boardroom Table

Businesswoman Addressing Meeting Around Boardroom Table

It is not that big of a secret that, in today’s unforgiving business climate, companies are forced to constantly improve upon the things driving them forward in order to stay ahead of the competition. But what exactly are those thongs? According to TNS survey 32% of participants from high-performing companies said that that they have a confidence in their senior management, so we can at least say that good leadership makes huge role in one company’s success story. Let us see than what you can do to become a leader your employees will look up to and want to follow.

Be Accessible

There is nothing less confidence-inducing than hiding from your employees behind generic business emails, always closed doors, and meaningless corporate statements. If you want your employees to be transparent and constantly accessible, you should first set the example by being such yourself. You can even take the more proactive stance and not wait for the employees to address you at all. Use the most of the good old managing by walking around system, and you will not only get a great feedback from your employees, but also ensure that they know you are always there for them.

Be Ready to Self-Improve

Again, if you want your employees to improve upon their professional skills, you should do no less to stay two steps ahead of them. In the end, you are the person responsible for answering their questions; do your best to keep up the pace with business-related developments and find that answer. That, does not, however, mean that you should hide that you do not know something from the employees. Willingness to ask for a business advice, and go beyond your comfort zone in order to keep the company moving will be more appreciated.

Be Flexible

Sooner you realize that that being a leader is not only about getting the best results, but more about getting the best out of people, better will be your odds of succeeding. Therefore, you should not always abide to conventional practices, and by-the-book rules. Every employee has its distinct personality so treat it like that. Finding out how to handle each and every person is not that easy, to say the least, but you can make great start by learning how to actively listen, and later build upon that foundation.

Provide Immediate Feedback

Learning how to listen is only half the job, though. Your employees need to know that you have taken into consideration what they said, and give them some meaningful response. Not only that, you have to take a close look at all of their actions immediately make them clear what they are doing good and what not. Being critical may be push someone’s buttons at first, but if the critique is true, honest, and aimed at improving employees skills and results, it will be appreciated in the long run.

Be a Teammate

Although your position of a leader should never be compromised, it should not be very harmful to show your subordinates that you are not only capable of ordering, but also a very good team member, and indeed, a human-being. On the contrary, if you temporarily leave the point of authority and get your hands dirty a bit, you will just strengthen the comradery within a team and show that you have not got to your position by chance, but hard work.

As we can see being an inspiring leader is not always the easiest task, but, nevertheless, it is necessary prerequisite for one business’ success. What is the most important for you, as the leader,is to know that it is better to be willingly followed and looked up to than feared. Try inspiring such emotions, and your organization will have nothing to worry about.

About the author:

Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. He is mostly engaged in providing entrepreneurs and small business owners with management and marketing advice. He always has a money making tip up his sleeve and his not afraid to use it.