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Turn your Facebook page into an online store

BigCommerce has rolled out a new Facebook application allowing online retailers to convert their Facebook pages into fully functioning online stores, for free.

The SocialShop 2 app allows retailers to market their products to the close to 750 million Facebook users around the world, and delivers product browsing, photo viewing, a virtual check out and order management system.

According to BigCommerce Co-Founder Mitchell Harper, SocialShop 2 e-commerce is no longer just about setting up an online store and having the ‘if you build it they will come’ mentality.

“E-Commerce is everywhere and with BigCommerce you have the tools to sell wherever your potential customers may be.”

Without ever leaving Facebook, SocialShop 2 allows fans to browse products, fill their cart, purchase, manage orders, redeem gift certificates, write product reviews and more. Integration is simple and SocialShop 2 is free with all BigCommerce plans.

Co-Founder Eddie Machaalani said it’s time for online retailers to start thinking multi-channel.

“Five years ago you simply setup a website, ran some Google ads and hoped you’d do well. Today it’s all about using an e-commerce platform that lets you sell everywhere. You need your own online store, but it has to be complimented by a presence on Facebook, as well as a mobile-optimized store.”

“You can no longer expect shoppers to come to your website. You have to go to them – before your competitors do,”

Click here to view a video outlining how SocialShop 2 works.

  • JoyB

    Hi Guys, Do you know ?
    I saw their Facebook shop and wondering if anyone has tried them ?


  • Pamela

    How do I get my yahoo online store onto the buttons at the top of facebook?