How to host a big event on a small budget

Businesses are often looking for ways to do more with less but it can be frustrating planning events with limited resources and budgets.

With a little creativity, research and negotiating, you can make sure a small budget doesn’t limit your big plans. To help get started, read on:

Be Prepared

Don’t launch into planning and decision-making without preparation. Be clear and realistic about what your goals, and what you need to achieve them. The venue you secured months ago may be all wrong once the details come into view. Planning will help protect you from overspending and confusion.

Know Your Budget

Speaking with your colleagues and superiors about budget specifics will help your prioritize your goals. Is it more important to offer attendees a great lunch or a great speaker? Always allow some flexibility for unexpected expenses. 

Show Off Your Negotiating Skills

Venues are seeing fewer bookings, so use it to your advantage. Do some research on venue prices and recent occupancy rates and use it to negotiate a better deal.

Look for Sponsors

Companies are always eager for ways to get their name out there. Look for businesses closely related to your event and approach them about sponsorships.

Go Right to the Source

If you’re planning to serve food, you can save money by having the catering manager go directly to the chef for a custom proposal. A chef can weigh in on what’s local, in season, and affordable around the time of the event.