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2 tools to turn customers into cheerleaders

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Incentivising current customers to buy more and bring in new business is a huge opportunity you can’t miss. 

As a business person, you’re always trying to acquire new customers, which is essential. But don’t forget about your existing customers – there’s a huge opportunity there to incentivise current customers to buy more and bring in new sales.

You could do something like a refer-a-friend program, where a current customer gets a perk for getting someone to purchase from you. I also recently came across two interesting online platforms that make it a lot more fun for existing customers to buy and spread the word about your company, bringing more business through your doors. Check ’em out:


Needle is awesome technology for crowdsourced customer service with the goal of generating more sales. Essentially, it puts your existing customer base – those who’ve used and know your product or service firsthand and are avid fans – to work as active brand advocates. They answer questions online, participate in live chats, etc. If you’re running an eCommerce business that relies on online reviews and interactions for word of mouth, you might want to give Needle a test drive.

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