3 weird ways to get customers to spend more

There’s an entire field dedicated to studying how to nudge consumers to spend more–and it has come up with some pretty bizarre findings.

Some of the quirkiest things can make consumers more willing to part with their paychecks. Did you know, for example, that red is supposedly the best color for fast-food restaurants? At least, that’s what so-called “color consultants” suggest. Never mind that human behavior is hardly consistent and the psychology of color is less than scientific.

There’s an entire field dedicated to deciphering who spends what, when, and why–and it’s come up with some pretty bizarre conclusions about how business owners might boost sales with subtle environmental suggestions. You decide whether they’re worth the effort.

Let there be light.

Sunlight makes people happy. And happy people spend more money. That was the rationale behind a study performed by the University of Alberta investigating the effects of sun lamps on consumer spending. Students at the university who were exposed to a sun lamp while browsing were willing to pay 38 percent more for green tea, 21 percent more for a carton of orange juice, 27 percent more for a gym membership, 29 percent more for an airline ticket, and 56 percent more for a newspaper than their sun lamp-deprived counterparts.

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