5 trends to ignore in 2013

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Amid all the forecasts for what next year will bring, here are five business trends you’d be wise to pass up.

This article is part of Inc.‘s special report on How (and Where) to Make Money in 2013 (and Beyond). Follow the links at the end of the story for more game-changing trends, bold predictions, and hot markets to watch next year.

‘Tis the season for forecasting, prediction-making, and soothsaying. It’s fun. It gives pundits, vendors, and journalists something to talk about. And it can be smart to try to keep your eye on legitimate trends that may affect your business.

Then again, sometimes a trend is nothing more than a lot of lemmings plunging over the edge of a cliff. Or it’s something that makes sense for only a few select businesses. As you sift through the forecasts for what 2013 will bring, here are a few things that should make you raise a skeptical eyebrow.

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