Build a winning team dynamic


These seven tips will generate teamwork in any organisation.

Success in any organisation is based upon its employees and their ability to work together as a team. As much as any manager would love for this to happen organically, it takes a lot of work to get individuals at various levels with divergent personalities and skill sets all operating as a cohesive whole. Following these seven recommendations will help any organization generate true teamwork:

1. Create a “we” culture

Team building starts at the top. If senior executives encourage an environment where the organization uses less “I” and more “we” in how they communicate, everyone will feel supported, included and important to the organisation. When counseling clients, use terms like “we believe…” or “our recommendations include….” This eliminates an employee’s fear of standing alone and shows that the entire organisation is thinking about the client.

2. Clearly define roles and personal growth plans

When individuals know what their role and responsibilities are, there is far less competitiveness in an organisation. It allows employees to come together as a team in an enriching environment where everyone can contribute creatively and strategically. In addition, when employees understand what expectations exist for them to rise to the next level they are more apt to be a good team player, because they understand that they are really competing with themselves, and not their colleagues, for success.

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