Businesses report satisfaction with group buying experience

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An independent study has found 95 percent of businesses that have sold their products or services through group buying sites were happy with the experience, and many would do it again.

According to a survey by Telsyte, the majority of business said their satisfaction levels were so high, they’d run another group buying campaign in the future.

The Telsyte results mirror those found in a LivingSocial survey of 211 merchants, in which 95 percent said advertising via daily deal sites drew more customers through their doors and 80 percent said the deal brought the most new customers of any marketing channel they had tried before.

According to Telsyte Senior Research Manager Sam Yip, the study has dispelled a number of myths about business use of group buying.

“A persistent myth about the group buying phenomenon is that sellers are generally dissatisfied with the outcomes of group buying campaigns; however, these results show advertising on a group buying site presents a real opportunity for Australian businesses.”

Telsyte’s Online Group Buying Merchant Study 2011 was conducted last month and was based on a random survey of 359 businesses across all leading group buying sites in Australia. The survey was conducted with a broad range of merchants across all categories of purchase.

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