Chow down on a new service

The days of making restaurant bookings over the phone are over, thanks to a new online platform working with Google.

Access to real-time restaurant bookings via Dimmi has been integrated into the Google desktop and mobile search platforms this week.

“When we started Dimmi it was our grand plan to make it easier for Australians to search, discover, and book restaurants. Today’s launch will make it even easier for diners to search on Google, and select and book local restaurants anywhere, anytime,” says Stevan Premutico, founder and CEO of Dimmi.

Dimmi has also been integrated into the Google Maps app, available on both Android mobile handsets and iPhone.

Users can now pinpoint nearby restaurants on their phones, and check out photos, reviews, and restaurant details before making a guaranteed booking immediately.

Dimmi is one of three restaurant services that has been integrated into Google around the world, joining OpenTable in the US and TopTable in the UK.

Founded in 2009, Dimmi – which is Italian for ‘tell me’ – has partnered with more than 2500 restaurants around Australia to seat over 3 million diners.

The service also rewards users who post reviews after dining with free meals, and regularly offers special deals on different restaurants, giving users up for 50 percent off during off-peak hours.

Check out Dimmi here.

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