How to raise your stress tolerance

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Three tips to help you become stronger in the face of stress.

Running a startup or small business is riddled with stresses that demand your attention and drain your energy. You can’t eliminate stress completely, so instead aim to boost your ability to cope with stress, which will help you face bigger challenges with confidence.

Each person has an optimal level of stress that they actually enjoy. It makes work exciting and engaging. But when we pass that level, stress becomes detrimental, leading to physical pains and poor decisions.

The amount of stress you can handle without getting overwhelmed is what psychologists call your stress tolerance. “It’s the ability to cope with stress or adversity and bounce back,” says David Ballard, psychologist and head of the American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence. The higher your stress tolerance is, the easier it will be for you to find your daily stresses invigorating.

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