Learn how to harness the power of online retail

Shopping trolley on a computer keyboard

As online retail growth continues to skyrocket, every small business has the chance to make the most of the power of internet sales. This free webinar will show you how.

What makes a successful eCommerce website? What role does your product, your design or your platform play? What sells well online and what will have your customers running to your competition?

At 10.30am on 22 November, The Australian Businesswomen’s Network will be presenting: Superstars of Online Retail – Harness the Power of Internet Sales, a free webinar that Dynamic Business is proud to support and which is designed to show you what works when selling online.

This free 90-minute webinar, sponsored by Citrix GoToWebinar, will include three expert presenters, real-life case studies and a live Q&A so that you can get your questions answered.

Attend to learn:

  • What works in online retail.
  • What website design elements will make your store shine.
  • How to sell online when you don’t have any products.
  • Tips to competing in a busy online environment.
  • How service businesses can create eCommerce opportunities.
  • What content makes a successful online store.
  • The role of customer stories and customer service in online success.

Just click here to register. Places are limited, so be quick.