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How to target consumers with mobile marketing


With recent figures showing almost 60 percent of Australians own a smartphone, there’s never been a better time for your business to look at mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing, which incorporates mobile sites, apps, and SMS, offers a more personal and immediate method of communicating with consumers.

“Consumers are no longer at their computers searching for information. Instead, they expect information to be available wherever they are. At the same time, they expect that information to be relevant to their lives,” says Lee Hawksley, managing director of digital software provider ExactTarget.

“What was once seen as the multi-channel opportunity is now a cross-channel imperative as our audiences continue to adopt technology that opens up an increasing array of brand engagement mechanisms,” he says.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re making the most of your mobile marketing:

1. Use push notifications – they’re useful because they require the user to take action immediately by opening the app.

2. Remember mobile devices are personal – smartphones keep people connected to friends and family, so remember that if your mobile marketing isn’t relevant or useful it could feel intrusive.

3. Stay true to permission – you can communicate freely via outbound SMS messages, but stay true to the permissions granted in relation to the frequency of the messages and their content.

4. Use text to trigger emails – you can put a “keyword + email address” call-to-action wherever consumers interact with your brand, whether it be in stores, online, or any other location.

5. Optimise email for mobile – consumers are constantly checking their emails on the go, so ensure your email looks good on all mobile devices.

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