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New pricing for SMBs to use Telstra M2M control centre

Telstra has released new prices for its Wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Control Centre, making it more affordable for small to medium businesses looking to cut costs by using more automation.

The Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre is an online portal managed with platform provider Jasper Wireless. Prices start at $3 per month and the offer is structured to service level, group and SMS bundle plans.

Telstra Business Executive Director Cathy Aston said the M2M Control Centre provides businesses with a more cost-effective way to manage their assets. She described the system as “a powerful ‘remote control’ that can save a business time and money by not requiring people to be physically present to perform a wide range of tasks”.

“Some sectors have been quick to recognise the benefits, particularly those in natural resources, agriculture and transport logistics; making great use of remote cameras and tracking devices,” she said.

The zero-touch activation is time and money efficient when a customer needs to deploy devices quickly. An installer can turn on a monitor and connect it instantly to the Telstra network.

Currently the Australian M2M market is worth about $300 million but is predicted to grow to $1 billion by 2015.

Telstra Wireless Business Applications Director, Mike Cihra said small business application developers had an important role in the future of M2M.

“They are the people who are out there building a broad range of applications that rely on our networks for connectivity,” he said.

Cihra, vehicle tracking, transaction services and even fridge monitoring applications using M2M will see significantly improved business processes and cost reduction.

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