Online sellers want greater investment in domestic shipping infrastructure

eBay sellers want increased innovation and investment in domestic shipping infrastructure to satisfy changing customer expectations and to allow them to better meet customer demand, a new survey has found.

According to a report by eBay, Australia Post and PayPal, which surveyed 1015 eBay sellers, delivery service reliability was the top priority for 34 percent of respondents, followed closely by shipping rates.

eBay vice president Deborah Sharkey said “Consumers want greater certainty when it comes to buying items online. Reliability of delivery, customer service and tracked shipping are all critical eCommerce enablers that drive buyer confidence.”

The sellers also voiced the need for key improvements around the accuracy and availability of tracking, bulky item shipping, delivery time choices and flexibility of pick-up service – which they’d like to see completed within the next 12 months.

In response to a boom in online shopping which saw a 13 percent rise in parcel delivery since July 2011, Australia Post has introduced several products and services to make shipping easier and cheaper, such as the flat rate satchels and boxes specifically tailored to eBay sellers and the “click-and-send” online parcel service option.

Australia Post managing director and CEO Ahmed Fahour reaffirmed the company’s continued commitment to meeting changing customer needs. To address the need for improved tracking the company has introduced a new low-cost, internationally tracked product, Pack and Track, that offer businesses volume based discounts.

Nine out of ten eBay sellers said they’re happy with eBay/Australia Post flat rate satchel service, but nearly 50 percent are still eager for the eBay to continue negotiations on their behalf for volume-based discounts.

Further research from the 2012 Online Business Index revealed that two-thirds of eBay’s top 3000 sellers want the introduction of more competitive shipping rates. Roughly 54 percent of those surveyed wanted to see improvements to parcel tracking services.

Elena Wise, head of merchant services for PayPal said that “For Australian online businesses, the customer experience revolves around purchasing and receiving the product, and it is important the customer receives the product in a reliable, accurate and timely manner.”

  • yay to the bull Aus post goes on with. It was nice of them to negotiate with ebay for good discounts but what a crock!! this story is date 26 March 2012. Guess what!!!!
    Every discount ebay negotiated for the sellers fell on it’s head on 2nd April 2012 (1 week later) when prices went up for the ebay seller 13 % & all other parcels only went up 3.8 %

    What was the point??

    Since the government gave free range to the privately owned Australia post Oct 2011 the first thing they did was put prices up
    2nd this is they warned us on 1st July a fuel tax will be added
    3rd we are going to get that wonderful carbon tax increase their prices again
    OMG what’s next

    I have had enough.

    try this…
    I buy an ashtray from a wholesaler $2.20 inc GST
    Delivery to get to me with other bulk ordered stock (0.25)
    I sell it for $4.95 (RRP) + postage $9.45
    to post it last week for $5.50 now gone up to $6.20
    plus the cost of the ebay bag (0.25)
    then the bubble wrap (0.50) because Aus post does not do a fragile service (exact explanation on tape “an item that is not fragile is an item that can not be broken”)
    A firm box (0.40)
    Ebay fees (0.40)
    Paypal fees (0.70)
    register the parcel ($1)

    Who pays $14.40 for a cheap ashtray?
    Oh & what happened to the profit of $2.50 you ask??
    that went on insurance, electricity, government taxes, phone calls, paperwork etc.& if there is anything left … wages

    Just to cover 1 $500 wage i need to sell 218 ashtrays!