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The return of writing

Quill and ink pot

A couple of high-profile business leaders insist their teams flex their atrophying writing muscles.

Unless you’re a professional wordsmith, it’s unlikely you’ve written much of anything that’s much longer than an email since college.

That might come as a relief to many, and for good reason. Tech makes it ever easier to communicate and accomplish just about everything without older, more laborious methods. Want to meet a friend? A quick text will sort you out. Need to communicate a plan or present some data? That’s what PowerPoint is for.

But even as computers make it ever easier to use fewer actions–and words–to accomplish our everyday business, a couple of high-powered business leaders are pushing back, insisting employees and job candidates flex their atrophying writing muscles.

In a lengthy profile recently, Jeff Bezos, CEO of, for example, revealed a love of narrative, dead-tree memos that’s a bit ironic for the head of the company behind the Kindle. Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky explains:

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