The seven deadly sins of SEO

Small Business SEO

Are you guilty of these major search-engine optimisation mistakes with your business website? Here’s how to avoid them so you can really compete against the big boys.

Sin No. 1: Using the wrong keywords

If your website doesn’t use the same words that the people searching for you do, your content will never show up for those searches or be seen by the right people.

The solution? You can use Google Insights for Search to compare potential keywords, and the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (both free!) to assess search volume for those terms. Based on your research, you should use the more common terminology in your titles and headings.

For instance, if you’re a realtor, your research would lead you to find that 60 percent of people use the search phrase “real estate” when they’re trying to find you on the Web, whereas only 5 percent use the phrase “houses for sale.”

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