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Two out of three Australian small businesses don’t have a website

Consumers are increasingly comfortable buying goods online yet Australian businesses are lagging behind the trend, according to research by the MYOB Business Monitor that found 65 percent of businesses don’t have a website.

“We’re witnessing a major shift in Australian buyer behaviour from in-store tyre-kicking to savvy online bargain hunters. The market is changing and we encourage business owners to act to make the most of the new conditions, because their competitors are no longer just in their local area,” said CEO of MYOB, Tim Reed.

The findings also revealed that businesses established for more than 10 years are less likely to have a website (25%) than maturing (32%) or new (36%) businesses.

He said over Christmas more shoppers went online and the strong Aussie dollar made purchasing from overseas sources more attractive, while the rapid uptake of smartphones is also increasing the volume of search traffic to providers of goods and services with websites.

“Many people now use their smart phones to search for suppliers, compare the best deals and organise home delivery because it’s easier,” he said.

But for a small business juggling a range of different priorities, is having a website built really worth the investment of time and money?

According the survey findings, the short answer is: yes.

Thirty percent of businesses with a website reported their revenue had increased in the past 12 months, compared with 23% of businesses without a website.

Not news to you? Possibly not – nearly half (44%) of businesses surveyed agree that they would sell more and get more work if they used the internet better for marketing.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to find yourself a web developer and get cracking.

Business types least likely to have a website:

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (19%)
  • Construction and Trades (23%)

Business types most likely to have a website:

  • Manufacturing and Wholesale (49%)
  • Finance and Insurance (45%)
  • Retail and Hospitality (45%)
  • Business, Professional and Property (37%)
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