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Vodafone iPhone 4 business cap plans start at $29/m

Vodafone’s iPhone 4 plans for business have been confirmed, with Vodafone offering the iPhone 4 on its range of Single Business Cap plans starting at $29/month.

Vodafone iPhone 4Vodafone announced their iPhone 4 plans on Monday, but had made no firm announcements on the iPhone 4 for business. I’ve since been in contact with Vodafone who have confirmed that the iPhone 4 will be available on their Single Business Cap plans, starting at $29 and up to $99 and offer equivalent value to Vodafone’s consumer iPhone 4 plans. Vodafone’s iPhone 4 Business plans offer marginally less included data than Optus’ iPhone 4 business plans, which are equivalent in value to Optus’ iPhone 4 plans for consumers.

Vodafone, In addition to giving business customers the same value as their consumer iPhone 4 plans, offers a special Vodafone $75 Unlimited Single Business Cap offering exceptional value to business customers who use their iPhone often for calls. The Vodafone $75 Unlimited Single Business Cap does however incur additional handset repayments for the iPhone, $5 per month for the iPhone 4 16GB and $10 per month for the iPhone 4 32GB.

Vodafone will also offer the iPhone 4 on Shared Business Caps with more than 5 subscribers on the plan. Details of what spend level will be required to get the iPhone 4 on a Shared Business Cap or how many iPhone 4’s can be included on a Shared Business Cap, are at best, described as complicated. Business owners who are interested in the iPhone 4 under a Shared Business Cap are best advised to contact their local Vodafone dealer.

Vodafone Hutchison Australia Marketing Director John Casey believes Vodafone has the most extensive range of price points for iPhone 4 business customers.

“Vodafone’s plans for the Apple iPhone 4 are affordable and packed with data, call and text value,” he said “Customers will have access to great features and innovative apps helping them get the most out of their iPhone 4 at a price point to suit their needs”.

Vodafone iPhone 4 Business Cap Plans

Vodafone iPhone 4 Business Cap Plans (Click for full size)

  • Patrick

    That is a pretty good deal at $29/month. Unfortunately it is still quite expensive in the UK in comparison.