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What distinguishes successful people? Less than you think


Robert Browning said, “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.” That, more than anything, separates successful people from the pack.

A lot happens between the day you come into this world and the day you leave it. If that sounds like one big understatement, then tell me this: Why do so many people lament that life is short?

Sure, some don’t mean anything by it; it’s just their way of saying you have to make the best of it. But others say it in a regretful way, like they missed out on something. I hear that sentiment often enough from fellow baby boomers: “It’s like I went to bed a young man and woke up looking like this,” they exclaim, “What the heck happened?”

I often wonder why I’ve never felt that way. To me, life has always felt long and full of twists and turns and possibilities.

The perception of time passing is a subjective thing. And it relates very much to how you live your life.

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