5 tips for running a successful eCommerce website

Running an online eCommerce site can be tricky business, so we asked Paul Sprokkreeff, Managing Director at online marketing agency Web Profits for five tips to turn a profit online.

Here are Paul’s tips:

1.     Display your best selling products on your home page – the reason they are best sellers is because they appeal to most people.
2.     Display the retail price next to the selling price and include the amount that people will save – people go online to find a deal and to save money, and if you can demonstrate this on your site you will tap into this ‘bargain’ psychology.
3.     Ensure the product images are of the highest quality (distinct from high resolution) – online shoppers judge the quality of the products by what they can see, and if your images are not high quality sales will suffer as a result.
4.     Include an ‘Add To Cart’ button right below the price – there is nothing worse than making a decision to buy something and then having to look around for the ‘add to cart’ button.
5.     Offer free shipping – one of the biggest reasons shoppers don’t buy online is because of shipping costs. Offering free shipping is one of the best ways to increase sales, just look at the Apple store online where everything includes free shipping.

5 thoughts on “5 tips for running a successful eCommerce website

  1. e.g. John Smith

    Running an E-Commerce site doesn’t have to be difficult when you know what your site needs to work at the best level possible. Above mentioned five tips are worth considering.


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