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The top qualities of a great leader


Leadership is the ability to direct, create, inspire and influence. It requires flexibility; leaders must roll with the punches, be open to change and continuously look for opportunities to move forward. Most importantly, leadership is about motivation. It is about growing others while they work with you towards a common goal.

Great leaders have specific qualities that allow them to unlock the potential of others. Where followers think of problems and discuss them, leaders think of possibilities and lead people to solutions.

Leaders must aim to produce more leaders, as organisations will only ever be as good as the leaders that shape them. Let’s look at the top qualities of a great leader.


Leadership requires the ability to promptly deal with new situations. A leader must know where to go for support, as they will not always have the time and knowledge to complete tasks on their own. Under difficult circumstances, a great leader knows exactly where to outsource, so they can focus on other important tasks at hand.

Human Resources managers hold an important leadership position in workplaces, as they lead the recruitment process. Without the right expertise and technology, a HR manager may struggle to find someone with the right skills and experience for a position, thus not doing their job promptly, and inhibiting progress. In leading the recruitment process, a great HR manager recognises where support is needed and will turn to specialist companies such as Chandler Macleod for HR consulting. By outsourcing, a HR manager demonstrates leadership; they get the ball rolling quickly.


In order to learn how to influence, one must listen. It is important to ask for people’s input and give their ideas a fair chance. Leadership is about trust. One must inspire others without having to manage or manipulate.

Leadership is very different to management. A great leader will not micromanage; they will delegate tasks to appropriate departments. They will identify strengths in a team and capitalise on them. By placing trust in a team, a leader has more time to focus on specific tasks that cannot be successfully delegated. A great leader values and respects their team and gains the respect of their team in return.


A productive work environment requires strong lines of communication. Leaders must make themselves available to discuss important matters and do so in a friendly and direct manner.

It is vital for leaders to articulate the future focus of an organisation to ensure the best possible solutions are delivered. A great leader succinctly describes tasks that require completion. By giving clear instructions, a leader ensures their team’s vision is in line with their own.


Leaders are confident and resilient. Passion, motivation and focus must come from the top. People are reluctant to follow pessimists, so one should inspire others and motivate them to reach their full potential. A great leader strives to keep an upbeat attitude and will instil positive feelings in others.

A leader commits to their role, commits to an organisation’s brand and earns respect by contributing quality content. Leaders must be seen working alongside their team. It is a great source of motivation for employees to see that hard work is being put in on every level.

Without great leaders, an organisation will move slowly and will lose its way. In order to succeed, an organisation must focus on developing the skills and potential of its current and emerging leaders.