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‘Month of Brazil’ celebrates strong trade and investment relationship


In celebration of 70 years of diplomatic ties since 1945 and to promote continued cooperation for trade and investment, September will be known as ‘the month of Brazil’ in Australia.

Australia and Brazil, the Southern Hemisphere’s two largest economies, have shared a strong bilateral relationship that has in recent years become an even more important strategic partnership.

Ambassador Consul-General of Brazil, Carlos de Abreu said “this is a very healthy economic relationship based upon increasing direct investments, education and technology exchange and tourism in the two directions, in a clear win-win situation.”

Photo Carlos de Abreu

Ambassador Consul-General of Brazil, Carlos Abreu

Mr Abreu works with Australian companies interested in importing goods and services from Brazil, those wanting to invest in Brazil, as well as those in Brazil looking to do business in Australia.

Celebrations will commence in Canberra today in observation of Brazil’s Independence day. Events will continue to run throughout September.