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Present yourself in the best light


As online shopping keeps cutting away at the bricks and mortar pie, it’s become more important than ever for retailers to enhance the customer experience.

One significant step can be as simple as literally presenting your shop in the best light.

Lighting provider cherryLED has some tips on how to freshen up your lighting:

Use a variety of styles

From elegant table lamps to bright directional globes, modern lighting comes in many shapes and sizes. By choosing the mood you want for an area and lighting it accordingly, a retail space can be transformed.

For example, valence LED lighting around the edges of a room can add ambient natural light without overwhelming the space. It also creates a feeling of elegance without the glare of overhead light, while coloured LED lighting can shift the mood of an area, focusing attention on particular displays and allowing space and division throughout the store.

Mix it up

An overwhelmingly bright store is expensive to run and can be over-powering for the customer. Contrast is just as important as brightness.

Settle for a mix of ambient lighting with accent lighting that can direct customers while providing division and space throughout the store. This will provide customers with the best overall impression of products, highlighting those key items, as well as giving the customer the feeling of comfort and privacy to browse.

Look to modern lighting choices

A growing trend in retail is LED lighting as it offers a range of lighting options, from natural daylight to warm natural hues. LED lights are cool to the touch, even when they’ve been running all day, so they can be incorporated into displays, cabinets and small retail spaces without any concern about heat affecting merchandise or causing a safety hazard.

Businesses can also save up to 80% on their lighting costs by switching to LED. With globes that last up to ten times longer than traditional lighting, maintenance costs are reduced and reliability vastly increased.

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