• http://www.fletchertax.com.au Janna

    Chuffed to make the list. Many thanks Lorna, Jen and the team at Dynamic Business. Love making new connections via social media.

    • http://www.dynamicbusiness.com.au Lorna Brett

      You’re very welcome Janna, keep up the great work.

    • http://www.mcintyreadvisory.com.au Angus Dockrill

      There are many good accountants. Few are great communicators. Even less connect with their clients on their clients ‘own turf in their own language’.

      I ‘found’ Janna & her team at Fletcher Tax through their social media efforts – particularly Twitter. Deserved recognition.

  • http://www.thesourcebottle.com/ Bec Derrington

    Wow, thanks so much for including me alongside a very impressive list Lorna. Very much appreciated.

    • http://www.dynamicbusiness.com.au Lorna Brett

      You’re welcome Bec – well deserved!

  • http://www.learnMYOBin7Days.com Heather Smith

    Love these lists…keep them coming…we are an active bunch aren’t we!

    • http://www.dynamicbusiness.com.au Lorna Brett

      We plan on it!

  • http://www.iggypintado.com.au Iggy Pintado

    #Wow. #Humbled. #ThankYou. #MuchAppreciated. 🙂 via @iggypintado

  • http://goodbusiness.net.au Phoebe Netto

    Thanks Lorna and Jen – what great tweeters to share a position on the list with!