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Virtual receptionist service offers free trial


For most clients and customers, first impressions of your business come over the phone – however, a receptionist often isn’t in the budget for many small Australian businesses.

OfficeHQ, an Australian company, is combining virtual products with a team of professional receptionists to enable small businesses to make a lasting first impression.

The service’s receptionists are trained to perform as an extension of each company, allowing businesses to project a professional image and manage time and costs effectively.

IT expert and entrepreneur David Atkinson opened OfficeHQ in 2004, with the company now employing teams of receptionists in Australia, the US, and the UK to service sole traders and start-ups through to companies with over 500 staff.

The company has plans to open offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan by the end of the year.

OfficeHQ has a range of products and packages available to suit different sized businesses, from a simple message service sending you emails and texts through to a diary management team.

For those wanting an extra helping hand, OfficeHQ offers a virtual personal assistant who can answer questions about your business, put calls through, and make appointments or bookings.

OfficeHQ is offering a seven-day free trial, which can be activated instantly.

Find out more here.


    Virtual receptionist can make a good impression for your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring, training and employing a live receptionist at your office