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business branding Articles

Don’t become the next forgotten brand: Why entrepreneurship matters to all companies

If there’s one thing that separates great companies from the rest

How to act ethically in sales and procurement

Ethical procurement practices and choices surrounding sourcing and distribution activities can

How to build credibility overseas

To successfully take your business overseas, you need to build your

From politics to business: What matters most is personal brand

A business owner's personal brand is just as important as their

Become the face of your brand

Customers aren't just concerned about what they're buying, they want to

Keeping your brand in balance

Creating a brand capable of building outstanding connections with your customers

Bringing your brand to life

Michelle Gamble blogs about creating a strong brand to better engage

Reputation management and branding

The brand value of a company now appears on the balance

Does your business have a strong brand?

According to Danielle MacInnis, small businesses are well placed to build

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