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Customer Satisfaction Articles

The real cost of complaints for your business

How many complaints does your business get every week or month?

Personal banking satisfaction level at 19-year high

Satisfaction levels increased by 0.3 per cent from December 2014 to

Customer banking satisfaction nears record high

Personal banking customers experienced a 1.1 per cent rise in satisfaction

Business customer satisfaction levels up among big banks

Business customers are seeing a higher level of satisfaction with their

Customer satisfaction levels dire in 10 key industries

Negative reviews are there for all to see, and can be

Social media feedback falling on deaf ears

Given there are dozens of popular review websites for every type

Guerrilla customer research is easy

This simple approach to market research reveals what customers really want

Make your customer service memorable

If you want to differentiate your customer service, stop trying to

Consumers willing to spend for service

Australian consumers are more likely to spend money on superior service

10 tips for keeping clients happy

There's nothing more elating than that feeling after getting a new