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In recent years the gender pay gap has become a popular

Can Technology Improve Workplace Diversity?

I don’t know that the technology sector has a greater or

Five reasons why your SME should seek to implement an ‘anywhere working’ policy

Workplaces continue to evolve. The needs of employees are constantly changing.

Unlocking the benefits of a remote workforce takes the right mindset, technology & policies

In organisations where flexible working is permitted but its parameters are ill-defined, the

The ‘F word’ businesses need to say (and do)

Flexibility. To many business owners this may sound like a swear

Stop, collaborate and listen: Five tips for fostering enterprise collaboration

The benefits of collaboration within the enterprise are almost limitless. According

Increased flexibility for Aussie workers?

Marissa Mayer imposed a blanket ban on Yahoo employees working from

Do Australian SMBs work from home?

There's been plenty written about working from home being the new

The surprising reasons behind fake sick days

We revealed the surprising reasons behind fake sick days, in March.

NBN opens up opportunities for SMBs

National Broadband Network (NBN) has released the first of a series