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Women Articles

Google using tree lights to engage coding girls

Google wants to get more girls interested in computer science, launching

Oz ranks second best in the world for female entrepreneurship

Australia has placed second among 30 countries as one of the

Women retire with 43% less super

An array of factors including sustained pay inequality, a high prevalence

Partnership to help women get fitted for work

Despite qualifications and experience, almost 70 per cent of women still

Aussie women becoming primary breadwinners

Women are now the major breadwinners in one in four Australian

Girls just wanna have funds

VicSuper is shining the spotlight on female financial literacy by launching

How to market to mothers

Conversations are the new black; at least when it comes to

Are discrimination laws secretly hurting women?

Sheryl Sandberg’s recently published book “Lean In” has been described as

Mobile technology empowering women to manage their own money

According to The Westpac Women and Technology Report, women are three

Roundtable reveals women are champion networkers

This week six successful female entrepreneurs got together to discuss business,