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PR: no media coverage, no fee?

I just received a press release from a PR agency offering a ‘new’ business model: coverage in the media or you don’t pay.

Now, I know this isn’t really that new because last year I blogged when Sally Romano from Brisbane agency Publicity Queen did exactly the same, causing quite a furore, especially among fellow PR professionals.

So what do we think in 2010? Is this an innovative way to charge for PR services or does it devalue what you do? Personally, I’m concerned that only charging clients when you get them media coverage misses out on all the other aspects of PR which are not as obviously or easily measurable.

Today’s press release came from Jothy Hughes at N O W! Communications: “Free PR for any company in Australia! Until I get you results…”

It states monthly retainers will be non-existent and: “There’ll be no fluffy reports, no mention of ‘this coverage is in the pipeline’ and no timesheets.”

N O W! Communications will get a client coverage on TV or radio, in newspapers or magazines and if they don’t, the client won’t have to pay for their time.

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