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Julie Hirsch and Nicole Lamond: The new 2-woman business that just raised $1m capital and won over Woolworths

Julie Hirsch and Nicole Lamond have founded Eloments, the world’s first organic

Let’s Talk: Leadership

This week for our Let’s Talk discussion we ask the experts

Let’s Talk: Sales Secrets

For our Let’s Talk discussion this week, we are talking about

Let’s talk: Investments

Today we are talking about investing. Specifically, what small-to-medium businesses are

Let’s talk: Disruption

What’s the next big game changer in tech? There is ongoing

Let’s Talk: Growth

From unicorn to decacorn – are these newly bred startups here

Let’s Talk: Competition

Today we posed the question of competition, and whether the big

Let’s Talk: The Big C

This week we opened a discussion around CEOs and the key

Let’s Talk: Business meetings

Business meetings: face-to-face versus digital, where is the real value?  In a

Let’s Talk: Innovation

Does innovation only lie within the tech space?  Tech innovation is often in