Let’s Talk Business Articles

Let’s Talk: Competition

Today we posed the question of competition, and whether the big

Let’s Talk: The Big C

This week we opened a discussion around CEOs and the key

Let’s Talk: Business meetings

Business meetings: face-to-face versus digital, where is the real value?  In a

Let’s Talk: Innovation

Does innovation only lie within the tech space?  Tech innovation is often in

Let’s Talk: The big 4 banks

This week we hear from two leaders on the big 4

Let’s Talk: Federal budget

The 2019 federal budget was revealed last week, with many changes

Let’s Talk: The X Factor

Today we’re discussing customer retention and what businesses need to do

Let’s talk: Generational Gap

How can we show the value that millennials bring to the

Let’s Talk: Social Media

How can small businesses make the most of social media?  Now,

Let’s Talk: Flexibility

How can more ‘traditional’ leaders see the value in flexible working?