Employment Legislation Articles

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As of 1 October, the provision of a Living Away From

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As with most IR topics, enterprise bargaining has taken its fair

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All SMBs should integrate workplace safety into business management systems, practice

Minimum wage rises, employers warned to comply

The national minimum wage rose yesterday, following on from a Fair

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So, you've heard about Gina Rinehart’s deal to bring 1715 temporary

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We've all encountered a workplace monster. They're not always easy to

Employers at risk from state differences in protected grounds of discrimination

Cross-state employers who aren’t aware of protected grounds of discrimination across

Don’t discriminate: What you need to know about discrimination and equal opportunity laws

Discrimination and equal opportunity laws apply in all parts of Australia,

New Workplace Health and Safety Laws – are you compliant?

Important new Workplace Health and Safety Laws commenced around Australia on

How to manage requests for flexible working arrangements

As flexible working becomes a reality for many businesses around the