Professional Development
  • November 14 2013 The top 5 lifestyle apps to boost your productivity

    Taking time out to de-stress is key to maintaining positive mental health, and it can also lead to an increase in productivity. Check out our top 5 lifestyle apps to help you make the most of your downtime.

  • November 12 2013 Five ways to save time with your marketing

    Marketing can be a time-consuming activity for even the most organised business owner. Here are a few time-saving tips that can help you increase your marketing productivity, and enjoy the same results for less effort.

  • October 25 2013 The secret to preparing a winning award application

    Winning a business award is a great PR opportunity for your business and can help build your profile and reputation, ultimately leading to even greater business success.

  • October 24 2013 Educational program for entrepreneurs set to launch

    A pilot educational program series is being launched in Sydney from November 6.

  • October 18 2013 Free online incubator for start-ups: MOOCs

    It’s the model completely disrupting the education sector, but Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) also offer massive potential for start-ups.

  • October 11 2013 Putting new life into an existing small business

    For any small business owner, there comes a time when you reach a stage in the business life cycle where you feel like business has stopped moving forward and the business is just going through the motions.

  • October 10 2013 3 keys to developing trust in a working relationship

    Whether you’re working in a team, leading a team or working with a client, an indispensable factor in being effective is the element of trust.

  • October 8 2013 Gen Y more accepting of mental illness than Boomers

    New research has found the youngest generation in the workforce is actually the most accepting of mental illness.

  • October 3 2013 Grow your network of support for entrepreneurial success

    The businesswomen who gathered in Sydney this week for the latest Startup Spring event had lots of advice to share – yet one key message stood out: take advantage of all the support you can.

  • September 27 2013 Small changes to make your business interactions successful

    It’s those little things too many people brush aside, but it’s so important to understand how your attitude and body language can affect your everyday business interactions.

  • September 20 2013 Taking the ‘work’ out of networking

    The ‘pitch and thrust’ of the business card and handshake is on the decline in favour of a new, more genuine style of meeting and greeting. It’s called netweaving and it takes the ‘work’ out of networking.

  • September 16 2013 Shifting the business compass to ethical

    Alongside the normalisation of ‘corporate social responsibility’ as a business term, the idea of creating new enterprises on an ethical foundation is becoming more mainstream.

  • August 23 2013 Build your profile with LinkedIn groups

    LinkedIn groups are a great way for professionals to network, share information, ask questions and build their profile. There are currently over 1.5 million LinkedIn groups covering a diverse range of topics.

  • July 23 2013 Get involved in Victoria’s Small Business Festival

    Victoria’s Small Business Festival will soon kick off for the entire month of August, and includes a series of events, which cover current business trends and issues, as well as relevant solutions and tips.

  • July 17 2013 Graduate from the kitchen bench

    Over the past few years ‘incubator’ style office space, which can be rented by the desk and in month-to-month lease terms, has exploded onto the market.

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