Smith to name and shame rich who don’t donate

Dick SMith

Dick Smith has made it clear he’ll no longer abide rich Australians who don’t give to charity, calling them “selfish” and suggesting they “rack off” if they continue to refuse to donate.

The wealthy entrepreneur told the Herald he’ll soon begin naming and shaming the wealthy Australians who aren’t doing their philanthropic duty.

”I am absolutely disgusted that most of the wealthy are so utterly selfish and I can’t work out how everyone lets them get away with it.”

”I’m going to ‘out’ these people. If they don’t donate, they’re going to be embarrassed.”

According to Smith, over 2000 people declared they earn over $1 million a year but claimed no deductions for charity, which meant they hadn’t given back anything to their community.

”We’ve got to get it so it is an obligation if you’re wealthy to become a philanthropist. Otherwise we don’t want you in this country – rack off.”

The rich in the US donate 15 percent of their income to charity, on average, but Smith said Australia’s rich give less than 1 percent.

”In America, I’m told that if you are wealthy and you’re not known as a philanthropist, you are a social pariah.”

Smith said he and his wife give more than $1 million away to charity each year.

  • Seb Kerr

    What a disgusting man this person is. Real entrepreneurs understand that production precedes charity – you can’t give away that which you have not produced. The real heroes are those who run businesses, employ people, give value to the community. Charity is a secondary matter, and is not a moral obligation. If he wants to give, then good luck to him – but, trying to intimidate others into giving is completely immoral and undermines the entire point of charity. Dick Smith is a disgrace.

    • Laurie Gilson

      How come Ceo ‘s give themselves massive pay rises then complain when workers want a pay rise often less than the CPT.
      Then they don’t want to give to charity.
      Good on you Dick for telling the truth of how shelfish the rich are in this country

    • Quentin

      I run a business, but not a big business, but because of the big business created financial downturn conditions in this and other country’s that we have now I’m going broke.
      Man you really are an arrogant selfish pig and not the kind that enjoys a little mud !

  • Dick Smith acts like a real Dick Head sometimes. I think I am going to have to write a blog on my opinion about this for tomorrow.

  • Leela Cosgrove

    Ahhh good old Dicky. He is nothing if not an expert at getting himself publicity. AS IF he has any intention of doing this. The man hours invested would be ridiculous (and not truly indicative). Nope – this is just a typical Dicky Publicity Grab that focuses around his self-promotion of his charity work (which, let’s face it, is less about charity and more about publicity).

  • Michele Douglass

    Who does Dick Smith think he is!!!.What if he went ahead with his naming and shaming proposal only to discover that some of those listed, rather than take the easy option of donating money to charitable causes actually donate their much more needed time in helping the many worthwhile causes e.g. feeding the homeless etc. And maybe some donate without actually listing their payments and claiming.In my opinion he’s just a judgemental chest beater.

    • PatrickEB

      That’s quite funny Michele.

      If someone has an income in excess of 250,000 dollars per year, then an hour of their time per week spent on ‘feeding the homeless’ is of far less value than if they gave 25,000 to charity.

      It is cheaper to employ someone else than them and cheaper to allow others to volunteer and us the richer persons money.

      They’re welcome to do both. I do. Then again, I don’t earn $250, 000 per year.

  • There are many more ways to donate than to publicly throw cash around Mr Smith!
    How about you keep the mention of your cash donations to yourself rather than use it to blatantly draw yourself ego points? You won’t do that though will you because you are egotistical and an attention grabber. If you really cared about the charities you gave to and less about the brownie points they bring then you’d have more decorum and we wouldn’t even know about them! Get off your high horse and see to your own business!

  • Good on ya Dicky, I am a small business owner, I don’t make heaps and I give to charity because I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. In my opinion for what it is worth, I think a percentage of our tax should go to charity and we as tax payers get to choose which charity(s) our charity (tax) money goes to, then we would all be on a level playing field.

  • I don’t agree with Dick Smith at all!
    You don’t have to give millions of dollars to charity to make a difference.
    I don’t give money to any charity, but I put over 20 hours a week into community service.
    That doesn’t show on my tax return.
    What about the hours I spend training, bathing and grooming my therapy dogs.
    What about the time I spend at local hospitals with my therapy dogs, bringing a little bit of cheer?
    What about the time I spend raising funds for crucial equipment for local hospitals?
    What about the time I spend raising awareness for prostate cancer?
    What about the time I spend in my local library making myself available as a justice of the peace?
    What about the time I spend preparing and presenting a radio show at my local community radio station.
    Please get off your high horse Dick Smith!
    You don’t have to give away your money to make a difference!!!

  • David Austin

    Are you people serious? Dick Smith actually cares for other people, what has this world become when our own Australians turn on Dick Smith because he wants us to give more to the poor. Im very disappointed to read this negative forum about someone who tries to make a world a better place. The real hero’s are business owners who employ and give value to the community? You call yourself a hero? Dick Smith shows his face, are you showing your face “Hero’

    The world is in a shame state of affairs, I am so disappointed to read a forum like this…

    Real heros? What a joke…

  • Mark

    Good on him,

    it’s about time someone did something like this.

  • Jane Smith

    “According to Smith, over 2000 people declared they earn over $1 million a year but claimed no deductions for charity, which meant they hadn’t given back anything to their community.”

    My family are fortunate to be considered ‘rich’. We ALWAYS donate a fair bit of money to numerous charities in Australia and NZ, however we NEVER declare the donations we make in order to receive tax deductions… Maybe Dick needs to realise that the statistics he is relying upon are not a true reflection of how much money is actually donated by generous benefactors.

    I agree with Michele Douglass (above), sometimes actually donating ones time in helping many worthwhile causes is much more valuable than thowing money around. I personally enjoy being hands on and going down to various homeless shelters around Brisbane and providing my assistance… Maybe Dick should try it!

    • Charity Giver

      Well said, I agree on both points.

  • Thats an interesting strategy although I am a bit concerned as to how Dick Smith is reading the private tax returns of 2000 people! Ok, he obviously isn’t so he cant actually know who is and isn’t donating to charity. I think once again, this is Dick being controversial to get media coverage. I guess in this case its for a good cause (i.e. charity) but I am not convinced its the best way to go about it.

  • Charity Giver

    “According to Smith, over 2000 people declared they earn over $1 million a year but claimed no deductions for charity, which meant they hadn’t given back anything to their community.”

    A much to simplistic view of “giving back to their community”.
    My view (like many others I have spoken to) is to give and not expect anything in return. Claiming it on your tax return is asking the government to give you something back for donating to charity, hence why many people don’t claim a DEDUCTION for charitable givings.