Google Australia offers small business online stimulus

In order to help small businesses speed up in the economic slowdown, Google Australia has today unveiled a business stimulus, offering small businesses a free $75 search marketing campaign, to help them reach new customers and drive sales in tough times.

In the current climate, many Australians are turning to online first for information on products and services, with search engines central to online navigation.

According to Julia Persuad, Google Australia’s head of online  they have seen a “strong growth” in search queries in Australia over the past 12 months.

Persuad said the package they are offering will put Australia’s small businesses in front of potential customers at the moment they are looking for information.

“At Google, we want to propel the Australian digital economy… encouraging more Australian businesses to connect with customers online is a major part of that vision.”

Small businesses are being encouraged to take advantate of Google’s $75 stimulus offer before June 30 2009.

Both online and traditional “bricks-and-mortar” businesses will benefit from the offer, and CEO of COSBOA (Council of Small Business of Australia) Jaye Radisich believes small business will find a lot of value from the offer.

“COSBOA welcomes this initiative which will give many small businesses a kick-start in the important online environment and potentially put millions into the small business sector.”

A number of small businesses have already been shifting their marketing budgets to search marketing and have been reaping the rewards.

Owner of mobile coffee cart business Café in a Box, Michael Wilcocks said, “For every $1 I spend on Google AdWords, I’ve received atleast $50 in sales. It’s been the best investment I’ve made. My customer bnase has grown 85 percent due to online advertising.”

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  • Marketing will become the area that will make the difference between success and mediocrity, no matter what field you are in. The definition of marketing is simply the process of telling other people what you do so that they have an opportunity to do business with you.

    It used to be that you only marketed for your business when times were slow. Small businesses, both online and off, would wait until they had very little business and then employ marketing techniques to attract more prospects and clients.

  • Nice article. It is true that online marketing is a good marketing tool for small business owners around the world. It reduces operating costs and helps maintain a good profit margin even during tough times.

  • Google Ireland are doing something similar. Good to see them helping out. Google are generally doing well this year despite the recession.

  • Yes, agreed. We recieved a offer from our Ireland account manager and he mentioned a similar scheme towards AdWords. I suppose AdWords are Google’s bread and butter.

  • Yes, Ad words is certainly Google’s bread and butter, however they are releasing so many new products recently which are making them even more and more popular.

  • Online marketing is the way forward (right now anyway) – Once it was Yellow Pages but Google has pretty much cleaned up for a good few years. But Microsoft’s search engine, BING might well be another good one.

  • They also added that competition in UK SEO market is increasing ever before and they have to keep up to date themselves with latest trends and services given by search engine optimisation companies.