Small business SEO tips and mistakes

Small Business SEO

Small business is slowly coming to grips with the reality that Google provides the bulk of traffic to Australian websites and that it’s necessary to invest in SEO over the long term as part of your business’ online strategy.

Small Business SEOWhile it is fairly easy to find blogs, forums and even YouTube videos that explain most of the basic steps and even offer decent advice on how to implement it yourself it’s not the only piece of the puzzle.  One of the great developments over the past few years has been an increasing number of both high quality and enterprise level SEO marketing tools being made available to SMEs such as Keyword Intent, Linkscape and Raven Tools.

The benefit of these need breed of marketing tools is that while previously small business often found they could not always afford a full time staff member to focus on SEO but by using some of these packages it is not always necessary.  Another tip on how business can start to think smarter about SEO is they can now effectively scale their SEO projects according to budgets.  Many of these SEO packages are designed to help you measure and track the true results with better transparency when campaigns are run inhouse or you are using external seo consultants or agencies.

Having seen the consistent problem with projects is that time allocated to implement SEO recommendations can be significantly reduced when unrealistic expectations are placed on reporting schedules. The reporting part of any marketing campaign will always place stress on both the person responsible for the reports but also for the marketing manager who has to understand the information they are looking at as they monitor the progress of the campaign on a daily or weekly schedule.

If you just used tools like Raven Tools for the reporting they pay for themselves but they can also be great for small business to assist with project management and while they guide your implementation but you still have a number of tasks you have to implement.  You still need to make website changes, create relevant content, request links and the more time you are able to allocate the better your results will be.  As most small business is often time poor there are solutions such as reaching out to a seo consulting partner to assist or even hire a part-time employee to implement the project.

While there are some initial basics steps that can provide a good boost to your website traffic SEO is not a one off project or something you set and forget. Small business needs to start thinking of how they can specialise and focus their efforts online and don’t try and be ranked for every possible phrase. There needs to be a move towards tracking SEO as part of your general marketing campaigns and budgets need to be increased if you want to be successful.

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  • There is no doubt competition levels for high SEO rankings has grown considerably over the past 6-12 months, together with the rate of change in SEO ranking factors, google places, Google Panda update. This all adds up to SMB owners becoming far more serious about tracking the performance of their SEO campaigns. The best measure of SEO effectiveness is organic traffic increases for non brand traffic – don’t get lost in the detail of page rank, number of links etc