50 Ways to make staff happy

No doubt about it, Australia has become an employees’ market. So how can you maintain a low staff turnover without blowing your budget? Here are 50 ways to create happy and loyal employees.

1. Salary

One of the biggest employee motivators, pay is what attracts us to most new positions and encourages us to stay. Reviewing annually will help to show us what you think we’re worth.

2. Remuneration package

It may be tough being a SME, but it’s not always easy working for one either. Think about other perks, besides pay, which you could use to lure and keep staff, including salary sacrifice, bonus super, and novated leases.

3. Respect

Your grandmother had it right: treat others as you would like to be treated.

4. Resources

Staff tire pretty quickly of faulty and out-of-date equipment. It doesn’t have to be the newest or the best (it’ll help if it is though!), but it all needs to work.

5. Green factor

Green is in, and we’re now looking at a company’s vision before signing on the dotted line.

6. Location, location, location.

News flash: we don’t want to work hard to get to work. Consider parking and public transport availability when setting up shop or making a move.

7. Leadership

Sometimes it’s best to turn to the movies, in this case, Remember the Titans, where a key line in the football movie is: “Attitude reflects leadership.” Make yourself approachable and available and give updates about changes in the business.

8. Recognise and compensate

It might seem obvious, but we hate not getting paid for work. And almost 80 percent of us don’t get paid for overtime, according to a News Digital Media survey. Whether cash compensation or time in lieu, reimburse us if you want to keep us!

9. Take responsibility

Own your mistakes, don’t just dump them on us. We all make mistakes, so we’ll appreciate your maturity and show understanding when you make them too.

10. Listen

How often do you listen to your staff? Not showing interest in what we have to say will only show us that you don’t care.

11. Follow-through from management

“When issues are raised, do something about it,” says Campbell Sallabank, CEO of LinkMe. “There’s nothing worse than an employer who doesn’t push your cause.”

12. Dress code

Adopt a relaxed dress code, or at least casual Fridays—it’s still a winner for many of us.

13. Goal-setting

Believe it or not, we actually like working towards something.

14. Fostering skills and ability

Training is a great way to ensure we don’t becoming stagnant and can move into new positions. Would you like being glued to your chair?

15. Incentives and bonuses

The best gifts are thought out and meaningful, so consider spa sessions and massages if your employees need to relax, or give out simple hampers at Christmas; a time when we’ll really appreciate them.

16. Adequate and stocked facilities

We don’t like nagging for supplies—so don’t make us.

17. Personal days

Even for those who love their job, work gets a little blahblah at times. Who wouldn’t want the occasional breather?

18. Coaching and mentoring

We actually like to learn in our jobs, and when managers take the time to coach or mentor, their charges tend to ‘blossom’ under their tutelage.

19. Reverse mentorship

Don’t be afraid to learn from us. You might be surprised by what we have to offer.

20. Job sharing

We like having time. And you might find that two part-timers suit your needs better than one full-timer.