Three tips to increase your LinkedIn profile views over Christmas

Here are three tips professionals can act on over the Christmas holiday break to increase the number of people viewing their LinkedIn Profile:

linkedin Company PagesTip 1: Accentuate your profile
Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is complete and includes all the roles you have had. You are 12 times more likely to be viewed for potential opportunities if you have more than one position listed on your profile.  Also, add a profile photo – people never forget a face.

Tip 2: Grow your network
Connect to at least 50 trusted contacts. Simply import your contacts to start finding first, second or even third degree connections working at companies you want as clients or would like to get in touch with.

Tip 3: Lift your profile in Google search results
Have you done a Google search for your name? If you haven’t, you should. People are Googling you before meetings and interviews. Get your LinkedIn Profile to come up higher in search results by customising your profile URL .

  • Why not also get involved in LinkedIn groups. Join the discussion about your related industry and get your profile in front of others. Linkedin also has a Like button that you can use to let people know what you think of their comments and contributions.

  • You can also get involved in Groups associated with your industry as well as comment on some of the conversations that are started. LinkedIn offers you a great way to find out who is working where and who you need to contact from a business development perspective.

  • Paul, this is great advice, I know many may be across it, however your article created me to act, instantly and I just further completed my profile that minute to attract more views on LinkedIn. Simply would not have done so at this very moment if I had not read your words, so thankyou very much!

  • Great tips Paul! Christmas sure is a great time to update your profile on LinkedIn and all your social networking sites, thanks for the reminder!

  • Thanks for the advice. I was able to embed a person commercial on my profile. I’m pleased with how it came out.