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Jaid Hulsbosch reveals 5 steps in an internal employee engagement program that will support a launch of a repositioned or new brand strategy

Articulating a company’s DNA to engage with consumers in relevant and meaningful ways is a large-scale effort and production. However this is only half the job, often overlooked in the process is a priority to engage and communicate with a company’s internal audience.

The power within a company is its own team – your people – the most potent element in the branding equation. Their introduction to a brand launch is an essential first step and a major influencer to successful outcomes. It’s imperative that your people live and breathe the brand.

Internal communications are focused on setting the scene and expectations, preparing all employees for the unveiling of the new brand, as well as the new attitude and ways of working that will support the brand launch.

Personal purpose is a powerful cause to galvanise and mobilise people. Tailoring an engagement strategy to people’s personal purpose creates an exceptional company that inspires people not motivates them.

A previous tenet from another time, motivation has transformed into a need for inspiration at work. Rezilium Director, Chair of Conversations – R U OK? and corporate cultural change expert, Kamal Sarma says “We are seeing in a shift, people want to be inspired by what they do, not just motivated by their salary and a potential promotion.

From this standpoint people are more open and prepared to consider the edict of inspiration and broadly, its internal journey of self-discovery whereas motivation can be more of an external journey. And ultimately this is where their engagement and excitement starts.

By embarking on a process of articulating people’s personal purpose it can result in alignment to that of the new thinking of a business purpose and a program of integrating a new brand strategy. During fundamental shifts of a business, which a new brand most definitely is, people are searching for something secure to believe in and embracing how to live it.”

Getting everyone under the same roof for in-person events or online inductions are ways to invigorate your internal culture and see it thrive as consolidated collective values consistently propel brands to where they want to be.

The truth is your people can be the difference between a good and great brand and these simple steps will kick off a transforming and inspiring program that ultimately unleashes the power of the people within your company.


  •  Recognition & Invitation

Reset the conversation and culture by acknowledging where you are, bringing to life the revitalised brand strategy, and inviting and defining each and everyone’s role in the program. A key tool is an employee handbook.


  • Declaration

A symbolic acceptance of commitment to branding and each individual’s role in unleashing the collective potential. A key tool could be creating a digital portal setting out news and content editorial that supports a declaration.


  • Activation (Launch)

Led by the CEO, live Roadshows providing volunteers and cultural ambassadors the inspiration, tools and support to champion revitalised brand strategy across business every day. The Roadshow further explores where you’ve been, you’re envisioned strategic and brand journey, culminating in clarity of cultural ownership.


  • Installation

Unveiling of symbols of progress that reveal the final creative vision. Utilise interior design and develop a branded environment that is a structural showcase and a compelling addition to the engagement program.


  • Culture Club

Ensure existing employee KPIs and progress are all linked to the new positioning; also ensuring that potential employees are hired against it.

About the author:

Jaid Hulsbosch is Director at leading brand agency, Hulsbosch. Prior to this role, Jaid spent six years in Europe working as Business Development Director with two leading design firms in London and Amsterdam. Returning to Australia in 2010, Jaid re-joined Hulsbosch as a director responsible for all aspects of business management from planning to HR, new business and partnerships. Jaid takes an active role in promoting the agency’s creativity, uniqueness, enthusiasm and passion for strengthening client’s business.