6 ways to write a bad business blog

Woman typing on a keyboard

There are lots of ways to ruin your company blog, but these six are among the most egregious.

Want people to read your business blog? Better yet, want people to read your business blog, respond positively, and take action? Then don’t:

Write in the dead zone. Commenting on breaking news is smart since timely relevance attracts interest. But there’s a definite timeliness window; fall outside it and you always lose. Writing a “What Steve Jobs Means to Me” post a day or two after Jobs passed away is OK (even though we really don’t care what Steve meant to you unless your name is, say, Steve Wozniak or John Sculley.) Dip your toe in the tribute waters a week or two later and you come off looking like Tony Kornheiser’s Bandwagon, only without the irony and wit.

Either immediately post your thoughts on breaking news or wait months or years to let time and hindsight provide the spark for reimagining the topic.

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