99designs celebrates 99,999th design contest

99 Designs logo

99designs, new entrant to the Australian crowdsourcing market and Dynamic Business October cover star, has today announced the establishment of a $99,999 fund for design students to celebrate its 99,999th Design Contest.

99designs connects small businesses needing custom design work to a global community of over 125,000 designers. In just over three years 99designs has gathered an impressive set of accomplishments, including 99,999 design contests to date and global community of over 125,000 designers in over 192 countries.

The online design service has also placed over 13,000 logos for customisation and sale in its logo store, paid a total of $25 million to its designers and maintained a rate of a one new design uploaded every six seconds, and according to Co-founder Mark Harbottle, it’s been an exhilarating ride.

“What better way to celebrate than by offering additional support to design students across the globe as they acquire the skills they need to build their careers.”

The 1,010 x $99 bonus payments to students on top of every contest prize won will celebrate these achievements until the $99,999 cash pool runs out.

CEO Patrick Llewellyn said, “I want to thank our community of talented designers, the myriad of small businesses who use the service and our amazing team in Australia and San Francisco – we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to the next 99,999 contests!”

For more information about the Design Student Fund: http://99designs.com/designers