Aussie billing app makes iTunes top 10

Invoice2go is the first Australian designed and developed app to make the Top 10 Business Apps in Apple’s app store.

Australian-made mobile application, Invoice2go allows small businesses to create and send invoices from their iPhones and iPads in mere minutes.

Achieving what no other Australian app company has done, Invoice2go has become one of the Top 10 grossing business apps in the Apple App Store with over 1 million downloads to date.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the success of Invoice2go. What started in my in-laws garage is now growing exponentially. I’m incredibly proud to see the impact it’s having on small businesses,” said Chris Strode, founder of Invoice2go.

When Strode was working as a contractor almost a decade ago, he realised the need for a low-cost product that takes the stress out of invoicing. But the only ones available were fully fledged accounting programs that were difficult to use and cost hundreds of dollars.

“For micro and small businesses, invoicing has always been a pain point. It was like doing your homework after getting home for school. And I remember looking for a solution and I found a program that was supposed to be easy to use, but it really wasn’t,” said Strode.

Putting his background in software development to good use, he started coding the desktop version of Invoice2go; and following the widespread adoption of mobile technology, he went ahead to develop an app that would be time-efficient and easy to use.

“It’s designed to work a little bit like a word document where you can just start typing and at the other end you get a professional invoice. Everything is based around making the app as simple as possible, so you don’t have to be a computer wiz to learn how to use the app,” Strode explained.

Owner of Waste Deep Plumbing, David Robbins, started using Invoice2go in 2010 and has since found the app to be beneficial in many ways, especially in saving time and keeping records organised and accessible through a mere tap on the iPad screen.

“The time saved is phenomenal. All invoices can be viewed by the touch of a button. Before I used to run paper invoices. Like most mobile-based businesses, I would give paper invoice books to my employees and they would write down what jobs they had done for the customer … but it was just a nightmare to keep track of the paper and have legible handwriting that you can understand from your employees,” said Robbins.

“Now with Invoice2go, I don’t have that problem, it’s all done on the iPad and every invoice template looks the same. The writing is all typed, so it’s a lot neater and a lot more professional.”

The internationalisation of Invoice2go has seen worldwide sales quadruple in the last six months, and the app is now Australia’s largest exporter of business software to the US by number of units shipped.

More information on Invoice2go is available on the company website.