22% would quit without having another job to go to

Australian workers are feeling stressed and neglected by their employers as a result of a preoccupation with the economic downturn, a new survey has found. job seekers

The 2010 job seeker survey, conducted by Sydney based finance and accounting recruitment firm Aequalis Consulting, found that 54 percent of employees felt that an increased workload during 2009-2010 was a major contributor to low morale and stress in the workplace. The survey also found that 22 percent would consider leaving their current employer without another job opportunity to go to.

These results conflict a survey conducted in May last year, where a survey of 315 workers suggested that 72 percent of respondents would stay in their current job due to the uncertainty in the economy, even if they were unhappy.

The contrast between the past and current feelings of employees should come as no surprise according to Director of Aequalis Consulting Simon Boulton, who claims that many employers have taken advantage of the economic conditions and neglected their employees.

“Employers need to better understand the changes in employees’ sentiment and expectations, and need to address succession planning and re introduce employee benefits such as training and development,” Mr Boulton said.

“Now is a good time for employers to empower hiring managers, and equip them with training and development in how to hire,” added Mr Boulton.

Aequalis Consulting suggests that while hiring is on the increase and teams are expanding many employers will need to have retention strategies in place, as disgruntled employees are prepared to walk.

  • Your Name Ann

    is Mr Boulton serious . as a small business owner I find his comment seriously offensive . If I unintentionly make my employees feel neglected it is because I am stressed out working my arse off to keep my business afloat during the GFC and therefore keeping them employed . What kind of employers does he think are taking advantage of the GFC , he says it as if business owners think that the GFC is a good thing . I am working harder than ever just to pay their wages when I would be much better off going it solo and I am sure there is a hell of a lot of small business owners out there doing the same making personal sacrifices rather than axing the jobs of their employees . I have one peice of advise next time engage brain before you speak .

  • Judy

    Totally agree – If employees are unhappy, maybe they could try setting up their own business and try employing others – maybe only then would they realise it is a lot harder to be an employer than many people think. There is a small number of businesses who might not do the right thing but the majority of us are actually good people!!

  • Deborah

    This is a case of ‘shooting the messenger’. I too am a small business operator and empathse entirely with other small employers and how we are all doing it tough. Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that workers, after close to two years of being told that for the short term things won’t be as good as they were, are, now that they read about the economy being in recovery are looking to see their own working conditions improving.